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Sleep Modes

Eva Novotna

Sleep Mode helps manage energy consumption and extend the life of your display by dimming or turning off the screen after a specified period of inactivity. This feature can be customized to fit different usage scenarios and hardware capabilities.

Sleep Mode Options

  1. Software - Black Screen, Device is On
    • Description: Works on all devices. Energy optimization is limited to the display (e.g., LG turns off the screen to save energy). This is the default mode for all devices.
  2. Hardware - Device Turns Off
    • Description: Works only on devices that are preconfigured and support this feature. If you are unsure which Sleep Mode to use, always opt for Software Sleep Mode.

Important Notes

  • Compatibility: When Hardware Sleep Mode is used on an Android device that is not configured or compatible with ScreenManager, the device might not wake up and may need to be reactivated via remote control, or it might not enter sleep mode properly.
  • Learn More: You can learn more about how to enable hardware sleep mode on Android devices here.
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