Digital Signage for Hospitality

Sell the amenities your hosting venue has to offer.

In addition to accommodation, do you offer other premium services such as a spa, live music at dinner or even a boat trip to a nearby island? Digital signage in the hospitality industry offers greater guest satisfaction and effectively promotes other services - from hotels and resorts to cruise ships.

Example digital signage display for hotel or resort
Unicredit is using ScreenManager for digital signage.
Toyota is using ScreenManager for digital signage.
ZatišíGroup is using ScreenManager for digital signage.
University of Granada is using ScreenManager for digital signage.
Digital signage in hotel gym or yoga classes

Treat your guests to a special experience

Showcase your hotel's amenities through eye-catching media to leave a lasting impression on your guests. Use the hotel's digital signage to showcase your on-site services and provide details of additional offerings, area attractions and memorable experiences. Digital signage in hotels greatly enhances convenience and offers easy access to information for guests.

Effectively promote additional services and related offerings to customers

Does your place offer massage and skin care options, or do you offer an extra discount price for your guests to your private spa, or will your restaurant stay open longer today? Attract audience interest with digital screens showcasing and promoting your services.

How can ScreenManager help your business?

Increase sales
Increase sales, decrease overheads

Digital signage boosts sales by attracting attention with dynamic ads and targeted promotions. It reduces costs by updating content instantly, eliminating print expenses, and streamlining communication.

Simple screen
Simple screen set up and management

We will provide you with a tailor-made solution. From hardware to software. Plus, you'll be able to remotely manage your screens from anywhere, checking their status and the content playing on them.

All the content
All the content and design tools you need, in one place

You can prepare the content you want to play in our web administration. Create playlists and plan campaigns.

Get ready to boost your business with ScreenManager

Main features of our digital signage solution

Any Content, Any Format

Easily push a variety of content to your screens with a single click. Schedule campaigns for videos, images, PDFs, web pages, social media feeds, and live streams effortlessly.

Remote Device Management

Efficiently manage and monitor your screens remotely. Stay informed with alerts and ensure 24/7 uninterrupted operation with our centralized control system.

Beautiful Templates

Select from our diverse library of templates, tailor them to your needs, and seamlessly publish to your screens for a visually appealing display.

Integrate Your Systems

Our development team specializes in custom integrations with ScreenManager. From queue management and POS systems to reservation platforms, we've got your needs covered.

Audience Analytics & AI

Our digital signage solution uses integrated cameras for in-depth audience analysis. Track demographics, engagement, and emotional responses to enhance marketing and content strategies.

Easy Set Up & Operation

Set up our digital signage easily and start using it within minutes, no technical expertise needed. We offer custom hardware solutions and installation services for hassle-free operation.

Capture attention with digital signage displays.

Digital displays capture 4x more views than static displays

Better recognition with digital signage.

The brain can recognize images and videos 60,000 times faster than text

People are twice as likely to remember ads they see on digital screens.

People are twice as likely to remember ads they see on digital screens

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