Wayfinding and Station Navigation

Improve Transportation Communication with Digital Signage

In large transportation hubs like airports or metro stations, digital signage can serve as interactive wayfinding tools. They can provide maps, directions to different platforms, exits, restrooms, and other facilities. For instance, at an airport, digital signs can guide passengers to their boarding gates, baggage claim areas, or transfer points. This makes navigating through large, crowded spaces more straightforward and less stressful, especially for first-time visitors or those with limited mobility.

Real-time scheduling, Passenger information system, Route maps and navigation, Transit advertising, Travel alerts and updates Wayfinding solutions Digital timetable displays Queue management systems, Vehicle tracking information
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Reduced Staff Inquiries

Digital signage in transit hubs cuts down passenger inquiries by up to 40%.

Improved Passenger Flow

Digital wayfinding reduces congestion, enhancing flow by 30% during peak hours.

Increased On-time Performance

Navigation via digital signage boosts transport punctuality by up to 15%.

Enhanced Passenger Satisfaction

The use of digital wayfinding signage improves customer satisfaction by about 50%.

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