Digital Menus Reimagined: A Retail Food Success Story

Eva Novotna

When digital displays meet ingenuity: Dive into a store's transformative journey for better customer experiences.

Example of Digital Signage use case in Restaurant industry

In our recent project in the food retail industry, we've embarked on an ambitious journey to modernize the stores of a prominent client. Our focus was not just on digital innovation but also on enhancing customer experience through smart solutions.

Introduction of Digital Signage

Our initial step was to introduce digital signage. The aim was to replace traditional menu displays with dynamic digital menus, thus eliminating the need for weekly menu printing. This move was a leap towards digitalization, offering an eco-friendly and efficient alternative.

Example of digital signage in a quick-serve restaurant

Digital Menus: Beyond Just Listing Dishes

At one of the stores, the digital menus we installed took on a life of their own, thanks to the store manager's vision. He enriched these menus with detailed information like food preparation times, which added significant value for customers.

Innovative Queue Management

The most impactful change, however, was the implementation of a queue management system. By intelligently grouping menu items into combos, the manager not only increased upsells but also streamlined the ordering process. This led to shorter waiting times for customers and efficiently managed queues, drastically improving the customer experience.

Adapting Technology for Enhanced Restaurant Digitalization

While such digital initiatives are common in fast food chains, their application in our system, not originally designed for such extensive use, was a welcome surprise. Inspired by this, we engaged in extensive discussions with the store manager and further customized our digital solutions, including the queue management system, to meet their specific requirements.

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