Massive Deployments of Android Digital Signage Players Made Easy

Roman Almashi

Discover how ScreenManager excels in managing massive deployments of Android digital signage players, offering advanced control and seamless operation.

Massive deployments of android digital signage players made easy with ScreenManager.

In the dynamic and evolving world of digital signage, the demand for powerful and efficient management tools is increasingly crucial. ScreenManager stands out as a beacon of innovation, especially in the realm of extensive deployments of digital signage systems using Android players. This article explores the numerous advantages of ScreenManager, establishing it as a superior choice in this technologically driven field.

Advanced Remote Management Utilities

ScreenManager's advanced remote management utilities set it apart from other digital signage solutions, offering:

  1. OTA Updates Independent of Google Play: It enables OTA updates that are not reliant on Google Play, ensuring seamless playback and eliminating user interaction during updates.
  2. Remote Control over Kiosk Mode: This feature allows remote enabling and disabling of kiosk mode, enhancing security and ensuring uninterrupted functionality.
  3. Comprehensive Device Monitoring: ScreenManager provides thorough monitoring of all digital signage players, ensuring optimal function and quick issue resolution.

Tailored for Digital Signage

Unlike large MDM and EMM corporations whose solutions may not fully align with digital signage needs, ScreenManager is specifically designed for this sector, offering more appropriate and effective solutions. It addresses common issues such as imperfect or buggy kiosk modes found in other solutions.

Competitive Pricing

Offering substantial value, ScreenManager's pricing starts at about $5 per device per month. This cost-effective solution includes both device and content management, making it a compelling alternative to other digital signage and MDM/EMM providers.

Unmatched Support for Large Deployments

ScreenManager excels in supporting large-scale deployments of Android-based digital signage players, providing robust solutions and unparalleled support. This ensures seamless operation and a comprehensive set of features necessary for efficient digital signage management.

ScreenManager emerges as an essential tool for managing large-scale deployments of digital signage Android players. With its advanced features, digital signage-focused design, competitive pricing, and exceptional support, ScreenManager is indispensable in the digital signage landscape.

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