Easy Remote Management of Sony Bravia Displays with ScreenManager App

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Discover the benefits of using Sony Bravia as a digital signage player with ScreenManager. Learn how to set it up and explore its top features for your business.

Digital Signage made easy with Sony Bravia and ScreenManager App

Managing digital signage can be a daunting task, especially if you have multiple displays spread across different locations. Fortunately, Sony Bravia displays combined with ScreenManager provide a simple yet powerful solution for remote management and monitoring.

In this guide, we'll explore why Sony Bravia displays are a great choice, the benefits of using ScreenManager, and how to set up and manage your displays effortlessly.

Why Choose Sony Bravia for Digital Signage?

Sony Bravia displays in action

Great Looking Angles and Perfect Quality of Presentation

Sony Bravia displays are renowned for their top-notch image quality. They offer 4K resolution, vibrant colors, and high brightness levels that make your content stand out from every angle. Whether it’s videos, images, or text, everything looks sharp and engaging, making sure your message is seen clearly.

Price and Availability

These displays are worldwide available and competitively priced, making them accessible for businesses of all sizes. With a variety of models to choose from, you can find a Sony Bravia display that fits your budget and needs perfectly.

You can find authorized vendors for Sony Bravia displays on the official Sony website. For customers based in Europe, please contact us for competitive pricing and professional installation services.

Built-in Professional Signage Features

Sony Bravia displays come equipped with several features tailored for digital signage:

  • Admin Lock: Prevent unauthorized changes by securing your settings with an admin lock.
  • Remote Management Over IP: Integrated with ScreenManager CMS, this allows easy remote control of your displays.
  • Power Scheduling: Efficiently manage when your displays turn on and off, fully compatible with ScreenManager.

You can find more information about the Pro mode in the official documentation.

Superior Playback Performance of Mixed Content

These displays handle mixed content exceptionally well, whether it’s videos, social media feeds, RSS feeds, or dynamic data from APIs. The powerful hardware ensures smooth playback, so your digital signage is always engaging and professional.

Easy Setup of Multiple Screens

Setting up a fleet of Sony Bravia displays is straightforward. Preconfigure one display, save the configuration to a USB drive, and use it to set up other displays. Once configured, you can manage all displays over the internet using ScreenManager CMS, making the process quick and efficient.

Why Do You Need ScreenManager?

No Need for Programmers and IT Specialists

While Sony offers its own Bravia Signage, it can be quite complex to set up and requires technical expertise. ScreenManager simplifies this process, allowing anyone to set up and manage displays without needing IT specialists or programming skills.

Remote Management of Sony Bravia Displays Over the Internet

With ScreenManager, you can manage your Sony Bravia displays from anywhere. Adjust settings, update content, and monitor performance remotely, providing flexibility and convenience.

Power Management on Schedule

Easily schedule power on and off times for your displays using ScreenManager. This feature helps save energy and extend the lifespan of your devices by ensuring they are only on when needed.

Content Management

ScreenManager offers a robust content management system, making it easy to upload, organize, and schedule your content. This ensures your digital signage is always fresh and relevant, keeping your audience engaged.

Complex Visual Content

ScreenManager supports a wide range of visual content, including social media feeds, RSS feeds, and data from external APIs. This capability allows you to create dynamic and interactive signage that captures attention.

Easy Management of Large Volumes of Displays

ScreenManager makes it simple to manage a large number of displays. Features like workspaces and user management help you organize and control your signage network efficiently, no matter the scale.

Proof of Play Records & Playback Analytics

Track the performance of your content with proof of play records and playback analytics provided by ScreenManager. This data helps you understand viewer engagement and optimize your digital signage strategy.

How to Start?

1. Buy Any Sony Bravia Display

The following models are fully supported:

  • FW-98BZ50L
  • FW-85BZ40L
  • FW-75BZ40L
  • FW-65BZ40L
  • FW-55BZ40L
  • FW-85BZ35L
  • FW-75BZ35L
  • FW-65BZ35L
  • FW-55BZ35L
  • FW-85BZ30L
  • FW-75BZ30L
  • FW-65BZ30L
  • FW-55BZ30L
  • FW-50BZ30L
  • FW-43BZ30L
  • FW-32BZ30J1
  • FW-75EZ20L
  • FW-65EZ20L
  • FW-55EZ20L
  • FW-50EZ20L
  • FW-43EZ20L

2. Install ScreenManager App from Google Play

  1. Turn on your Sony Bravia display and connect it to the internet.
  2. Navigate to the Google Play Store on your display.
  3. Search for "ScreenManager" and select the app from the search results.
  4. Click "Install" and wait for the app to download and install on your display.

3. Create a ScreenManager Account

  1. Visit the ScreenManager website on your computer or mobile device.
  2. Sign up for a new account by providing the required details.

4. Pair the Display with ScreenManager

  1. Open the ScreenManager app on your Sony Bravia display.
  2. You will see a pairing code on your Sony Bravia display.
  3. Enter this code to the web administration

Now you are good to go. Now you can visit our documentation on how to use the ScreenManager CMS.

Sony Bravia in Retail and Education


Managing Sony Bravia displays remotely with ScreenManager simplifies digital signage operations, making it accessible and efficient. With top-tier display quality, professional features, and user-friendly management tools, you can enhance your business’s communication and engagement. Follow the straightforward setup steps to get started and enjoy the benefits of an optimized digital signage system.

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